“Machol Danser la Vie !” (Machol Dance and Live ministries) is an international ministry based in the area of Lyon. It was founded in 2004 and became an association in 2007. The team is made up of about twenty volunteers gathered around Christine and Sodapop Jeanville, founders, visionaries and managers of the ministry. There is also a wider community that is being established within the partners and students taking the shape of a real family. The team brings a foundation in the development of the ministry by its implication in intercession and events organized by Machol Danser la Vie. Each person seeking discernement with the Holy Spirit for the next step.

The vision of the founders of Machol dance and live ministries is based upon the name of a man in the bible (1 kings 4-31) and of his sons who were among the most wise men of Israël in David and Solomon’s time: Machol.

The name and word Machol mean dance, to dance, demonstration of joy. The meaning of the sons names was Ethan (strength and firmness) Heman (faithfulness, truth, a pillar in God’s house), Calcol ( inner an outer healing) and Darda (pearls of the knowledge of God). In this very verse lie precious keys to understanding the sanctification process that every christian can take hold of.

The vision of Machol Danser la Vie is to work towards the strengthening of the identity in Christ, towardsrestoration, healing, deliverance and the deepening of an intimacy with God. Seeking the reinforcement of the authority given by Christ and of His government. The aim being to restore the tabernacle of David and to prepare the church to the return of Christ.

The means used to achieve this understanding are: the word of God, creativity through the bible and through art (dancing, singing, music, painting, drawing, etc.) and the media.

Tools have been developed in order to help each one enter into this realm of revelation. They are made up of trainings every month or two months, teachings twice a year and various gatherings that are not exclusively for dancers but for each individual who wants to discover or go further in this dimension of God and of the establishment of his government through the word and art.

Dance and Worship Training (monthly gathering)

These monthly gatherings take place to enable each participant to receive practical and regular training in order to be equipped in interaction with others using dance and worship with its various expressions. During these trainings, answers and advice concerning down-to-earth issues are given with spiritual keys, under the Holy Spirit’s guidance.

One Day Training (once a term)

These one day trainings take place every three months and tackle specific themes within a six hour session. During these days of training, we enter into God’s presence and let the Holy Spirit guide us into his work of restoration, healing and intimacy in God, spirit soul and body. These practical exercises and choreographic experimentations linked to the word of God bring tangibly to life revelation and understanding that when we start moving (through dance, prayer, singing and worshipping) we do so using our three dimensions in one and in unity with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Training School on Identity and Praise by the Movement (twice a year over a two year period)

This school of training aims at discovering, training, equipping and deepening each one’s knowledge.

This training is for all profiles of leaders in church or in ministry, to all who have a calling in the arts, in worship and teaching as well as all who have a desire to know this dimension of God that is so rarely taught in church but is nonetheless linked to the other ministries given to men by God.

It is also followed by therapists, doctors, dance teachers and school teachers, and many other professionals in search of enriching their knowledge. Valuable foundations from the bible can be found in them thanks to Christine and Sodapop’s ongoing studies based on the Hebrew and Greek roots of the word and on recent scientific discoveries that sustain these truths. The complete training is made up of 4 sessions, each taking place over 5 days of 6 hour long teachings, both theory and practice. With every day comes a different theme out of the twenty that are foundational and essential to enter and go deeper into what God has revealed to us in his word. In order to assimilate the rich contents of these trainings, the sessions take place twice a year. This school welcomes students from all over the world. (click to see the booklet)

Project supporting: mission Cameroon

Machol dance and live ministries has come alongside a young and growing project in Cameroon for two years, supporting it spiritually and financially. This project called “Les Lévites de Machol” has been up and running for a year. This school is for children and teenagers, teaching them dance and kingdom principles. This project is a very promising one and one of a kind in this country. As with all pioneering projects, it has a great need for support and nurturing in these early days.

On the practical side: Machol Dance and Live ministries gives advice and keys and accompanies this ministry by the means of regular 

zoom meetings in order to establish what practical and spiritual needs there are. The founder of this ministry, who is also a student of our school of training gives us monthly reports concerning her progress in the field. This support also appears in prayer and by monthly financial input when funding allows us to. Machol Dance and and Live Ministries also supports other projects and students but in a more random way.

Support us in the development of this project by clicking on this link : Mission Cameroon donation page


Three years ago, Sodapop and Christine received a clear vision to form a network of people to encourage and support christian artists who live by faith. This is how “Créativ’ IMPULSION” was born. This network of worshippers through movement was created in partnership with another ministry of dance. Originally, the network united in worship professional and non-professional dancers from all over France. But very quickly artists from various disciplines joined in by faith. The key points of the network are as follows:

Until the lockdown caused by the pandemic, the network’s development and operation consisted of events and trainings. But since travelling has been impeded, meetings take place via zoom. For instance, our “rendez-vous de prières et d’intercessions pour les artistes” takes place with specific themes, for the needs of encouragement, support and edification to be met even without gathering in the flesh. We look forward to being able to meet again, after restrictions are lifted, to continue to equip and assert artists in the gifts they received from God, in order to better serve and be a witness.

Prayer and intercession

Machol Dance and Live Ministries partners with other local ministries of intercession to pray for our towns and regions. Intercession and prayer is a very important part of our ministry. Without it, we would not be contributing towards the changes God wants to operate in the lives of each of us and our country.

For 14 years now, Machol Dance and Live Ministries, through Christine, Sodapop and along with other French intercessors, have been taking part, representing and praying for France in the All Nations Convocation in Jerusalem. Likewise a meeting called “Rendez-vous de prière et d’intercession pour la France” has been taking place via the zoom platform since 2020. It brings together 50 to 100 participants at every meeting.

Social Media

For a number of years now, Machol Dance and Live Ministries have been developing a YouTube channel and produces exercise-videos which helps people to enter into the presence of God, spirit, mind and body. That enables the much needed serenity to start the day in unity with ourselves and with God. In every video, Intertwined with the exercises that come after, is an exhortation.

Also, videos are made to edify, encourage and testify of the great gift God is and of what He wants to do in our lives. These are tools to inspire, declare, proclaim, pray, intercede and worship Him.

All the videos are topically organized and are in French and English. (


The first communication media used to present Machol Dance and Live Ministries is our website. The vision, information and the actions being led as well as all our announcements are to be found there.

The second media is a newsletter that is sent out by email on a regular basis to all the people who have subscribed. This letter keeps people informed on the upcoming events, either organized by us or in partnership with us, and the different announcements that need to be made.

The third media is social media: Instagram, TikTok and the Machol Dance and live Ministries facebook page. It contains information, announcements, exhortations and encouragements either illustrated by a photo or a painting, a drawing or a song of worship. These platforms are also places where one can share and seek support for any question needing to be answered in a spiritual surrounding.

The aim and the purpose of the ministry are to develop tools that promote restoration and healing and that contribute to reinforcing identity and establishing the authority given by Christ. The means to do so are through His word and art redeemed in order to enter into the great dance of Life promised by God.

Every person who is restored, healed and delivered in order to enter into their identity in christ is a piece of the Church that is restored, healed and delivered and therefore contributes with authority to the preparation of Jesus’ return, firmly established in the required role of governing.

Machol Dance and Live ministries in the Nations

We have learnt by entering into doors through which God sends us, that each person bears the image of their own nation. If that person gets healing, it is a bit like a piece of his nation gets healing. If that same person learns how to relate to people in a holy and healthy manner, then that person enables his country to do likewise. This is what we call the great dance of the nations and it has begun to take place before our very eyes. It embodies a way of loving each other respectfully and to move together in the body of christ, bringing complementary callings and unique features of our countries together.

We have already been commissioned in forty countries all over the world to teach and to pass on the legacy of France and of Machol in order to bless the nations and to collaborate in ministry. We have grown aware of of the very particular connection between the USA and France, which are both included in the geographical portion of the world that is traced from Jerusalem, known as the Jaffa gate, the gate of beauty.

When we moved forward hand in hand, we experience great joy and strength. And we also find that we complement each other. This led to us having the opportunity to teach in the US and create a gathering called “Interlacing the Arts/Entrelacements des Arts” for three years running in Pennsylvania, partnering with “Glory Gazing Ministry”. In this same vein, we were able to transmit our experience to the directors, artists and techniciens of the famous “Sight and Sound” organisation. Some of our students have studied in the US in famous ballet companies like Ballet Magnificat and had the opportunity to also share our knowledge. We can discern an accuracy and something of a completeness within these cooperations, as if our callings were woven together to bless our mutual Histories and our synergy.

We have proven to be prophetic in a pioneering way in this particular realm. We don’t get any financial support from big organisations but rather we move forward by faith into every project God gives us. We find ourselves today in need of more structure in order to develop more.


Christine and Sodapop

Founders and directors of "Machol Dance and Live!" ministries