Here is an invitation for a half hour training with us on Saturdays from 10:30 to 11:00 am (Paris, France time).

In response to your requests, we are pleased to present to you the launching of the "Little Saturday workouts!", LIVE on our YouTube channel since the 17th of April, 2021. Let’s be fed with Christ’s eternal sap. And  For it to flow in our spirit, soul and body. Now is the time to stretch, to unfold and to move in time with the Lord.

What is it? 

It's half an hour of care of the whole of our life through the word, movement, music and praise. A teaching and a further understanding of the riches of our bodies that are a visible parable of the realities of God’s kingdom. It is a journey of melody, rythm and harmony in movement and awareness carried by bible verses and all kinds of styles and musical worlds, different every time.

Who is this for? 

For everyone with a body! 

Beginners and professionals alike can take advantage of these trainings. They are made in such a way as to provide well being and health for all. 

It is a time of consecration and stretching for all, before entering the week ahead. It can be a very good warm up for dancers just before going on to move in more advanced levels.

First stage: 

Register using the following link: “Little Saturday workouts!” (suspended)

We need you to register in order to be able to contact you if need be and share certain elements and bonuses for registrants only. 

If you are not able to be there on the day, there will be a replay.

Second stage: 

How to dress: be sure to get ready a quarter of an hour early by getting your tracksuit on or your dance gear. Wear flexible or dance shoes or simply come with socks or barefoot. Feel free, the session will begin as soon as we go on line.

Third stage: 

The space around you: Be sure to free a space in which to move without knocking or breaking anything! The training is adapted for home use. 

Forth stage: 

Once the "LIVE" begins, please say hi by introducing yourself briefly with your name, region or country. Half way through the training, there will be a short break during which you may ask questions. If they do not get an answer during this session, we will be sure to answer them in the next.

The price for all this? Well, because we want to give an encouragement to each of you, it will come free of charge, however... 

For the past five months, we have not been able to dance on any given stage, nor teach or train people face-to-face. (no gatherings have been allowed) 

Bearing in mind that we are missionaries to the nations, It has been two years now that we have been denied travel. Even so, we have created new tools to support and encourage our fellow citizens and artists of all horizons(monthly gathering for prayer and intercession for France, prayer meetings for artists with "Créativ’ Impulsion" …) but our hearts and finances have been seriously challenged by what’s going on, and we remain on hold listening to what our next move should be. So we thank you for taking into consideration these aspects and supporting our vision by donating 5€ or more to help us continue. Your gift will be put to good use.

«Coaches» : if you don’t know them yet!

Christine : professional ballet, contemporary and hip-hop dancer, she developed since 25 years a way of teaching at the source of the Bible, spirit, soul and body in Christ. Painful medical diagnoses (endometriosis, fibromyalgia, electro-hypersensitivity) with a painful experience and limitation taught her with the Lord to a listening, letting go, openness, authenticity and finally growth, healing, Love and Joy.

Sodapop : One of the pioneers of the hip-hop movement in Europe, electro composer aka "Le Poète du son" (The Poet of the Sound), he is passionate about the Word and Presence of God. He is especially at the moment our great technician and he will often be behind the cameras and in sound and video control... he will also share his deep and cheerful knowledge of the body in movement!

... & friends ! We plan to invite more and more and enthusiastic teacher friends.

Let’s go and don’t forget to register. See you on "youtube.com/c/MacholDanserlaVie"




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